What I am offering:

Mindfulness Coaching and Counseling

  • helping with difficult life changes or new beginnings due to 
    • relocating to a new city or a foreign country
    • giving birth and becoming a parent
    • job change
    • separation or divorce
    • loss  

  • supporting you if you are suffering from depression, burn-out, states of anxiety

  • Sessions where and when it is good for you - in my private practice, outside in nature, via video call or as a home visit.


One session takes 60 minutes and costs 90 Euros.

When integrating mindfulness methods it is sensible to book a session of 75 minutes, which accordingly costs 112,50 Euros. 

It is also possible to book mindfulness sessions with the same pricing. 

In addition, I am offering mindfulness group courses. Please get in contact if you would like more information about those. 

If you feel like I could be the one to help you sort through what is puzzling you right now, I would be happy to hear from you! Please contact me for an appointment or a first phone conversation at
+49 160 955 211 86 /

+49 160 955 211 86